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Our second gathering was even better than the first. First off, the room was nice and toasty warm. This time I draped the doors and bought a space heater; we even had to turn the space heater off at times. A few more artists attended bringing the total to 15. We moved the high stage to a corner so we were able to draw in-the-round with the models in the center of the room; depending on the pose artists moved around for different angles. The music was chill; the whole scene was sooo relaxed. Here are photos of some of the artwork created, arranged by pose:

Pose 1 (2-minute warm-up, including artists who combined multiple poses):

Pose 2 (2-minute warm-up):

Pose 3 (2-minute warm-up):

Pose 4 (2-minute warm-up):

Pose 5 (10 minutes):

Pose 6 (10 minutes):

Pose 7 (10 minutes):

Pose 8 (15 minutes):

Pose 9 (15 minutes):

Pose 10 (15 minutes) A trio!!:

Pose 11 (8 minutes) ran out of time:


Thanks to Roger and Alex for taking the photos!

Next session Feb 26. Are you a male artist in the NYC area or with plans to visit? Please join us via Meetup!